As an industry leader, Maier USA uses industry leading technologies.

  • 3D Scanning

    We use Creaform 3D scanners to facilitate our product development and engineering.

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

    Our Research and Development Department works with all modern CAD software, including Solidworks.

  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

    Once we have a CAD model, we use MasterCAM to develop tool paths.

  • CNC Robotics

    Maier USA products are trimmed using robotic 5-axis CNC routers.


Maier USA operates a state of the art manufacturing facility.

  • Modern American Manufacturing

    Maier USA operates a modern 60,000 square foot facility in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California. We are proud of our investment in the American manufacturing infrastructure.

  • Forming Machines

    We have four dual-station computer-controlled forming machines capable of handling sheet sizes up to 6' X 5'.

  • Robotic CNC Routers

    We have six robotic 5-axis CNC routers to ensure our trim patterns and hole placement are precision and consistent.

  • Innovative Solutions in Plastic

    Maier uses a proprietary thermoplastic olefinic elastomer (TPO), specifically designed for our applications. This high-impact polypropylene alloy delivers a high-gloss finish with strength characteristics capable of enduring extreme weather and temperature conditions. Maier plastics are UV-stabilized, resistant to chemicals and available in a wide array of colors and films. Additionally, we work with an array of other plastics, including ABS, Acrylic and Polycarbonate.

Custom Work

Let us help you turn your product ideas into a reality.

  • American Manufacturing Since 1972

    Maier USA has been vacuum forming custom and O.E.M. replacement plastics for the Powersports Industry since 1972. In addition to manufacturing our own brand of products, we've also produced products for some of the biggest names in the industry, including O.E.M.s Polaris and Arctic Cat. With our in-house tooling and mold making capabilities, we've also branched out to make products for customers outside the Powersports Industry, including names like Cabela's.

  • Your Prototyping Partner

    If you already have a CAD model of a thermoformable product, we can create your prototype molds and parts.

  • Your Product Design Partner

    If you don't have a CAD model, perhaps just an idea, our in-house Industrial Design team can help get your idea into CAD model.

  • Your Thermoforming Partner

    If you have a product and need a partner in thermoforming, contact Maier USA today.